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The essence of holding space

What is the essence of someone holding space for someone?

Holding space is like a circle, a safe circle which is created by an intensive compression of energies – energies that are so tense that people unconsciously feel the energy.

As the facilitator holding space you can set an intention for example of people feeling secure, feeling protected. So people who allow themselves to enter the circle will feel energy of protection. Like nothing can happen to them. They are safe in this environment. It is a responsibility for the facilitator to hold space because people trust the facilitator and his or her guidance.

Vulnerability is beautiful

Holding space is something we all are able to do. Some of us are not ready yet, though. You have to be prepared and aware of what that means. We are all vulnerable. Vulnerability is beautiful. Unfortunately, society tells us we mustn’t show that we are vulnerable. Imagine the stress inside a body by holding back showing vulnerability. There is so much tension built up which needs to be released. Finding your facilitator to hold space will help you release this tension, to make you feel reborn through letting go.

Not holding on to something

As someone who experiences what it feels like to be in a held space, you need to be ready deep from your heart to let go of any toxic thoughts, emotions, situations, people who are not serving you anymore. Showing gratitude towards those thoughts or people for walking the journey with you, shaping you to become the person you are today. At some point it might be healthy for you to say goodbye to them – not holding on to something or someone. Letting go is so beautiful.

Do you want me to hold space for you?

For an Akashic records reading it is essential to hold space that you are able to let go. I can support you with guidance regarding questions you have about your life. Book your Akashic records reading here.


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