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Book a reading

Your Akashic records reading

You want to book an Akashic records reading because you have some burning questions you would like to have an answer to?

Akashic records readings can be done as a video call (via zoom) or in person (please ask for location):

  • The reading will last 60 minutes (including a short introduction how I receive the messages for you)
  • If you book a reading as a video call – ensure you are in a space that is comfortable, please join the zoom meeting on time and have head phones ready
  • If you book a reading as a video call – the call will be recorded and sent to you. You can listen to it again and be empowered any time you feel like. Please note you are paying for the actual reading and not for the recording. So, if technical problems occur and the reading can’t be recorded, the price of the reading stays the same.


Price: 85 € (Europe)* / 1.4 Mill IDR (Indonesia) / 100 US$ (USA) / 145 AU$ (Australia) / 155 NZ$ (New Zealand) / 75 GB£ (Great Britain)
* Since my base currency is EUR, I had to adjust the prices due to the weak USD.


Inquiry form for Akashic records reading

First and last name
Please select how you would like to have the reading done for you.
By booking a reading you acknowledge that you have read, comprehended and fully agreed with the disclaimer.

Currently the payment is possible by bank transfer and PayPal. After you sent me your booking inquiry you receive the payment details from me.

Your provided data will not be stored and solely sent by e-mail to contact[at]featherly.be

A message for you.

– featherly.be