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Akashic Records Readings

Insights from Akashic Records Readings exceed the narrow perspective of the mind

Imagine the Akashic Records as an ...

… energy field that is permeating the entire universe which we access during Akashic Records Readings. See this field as an ever-expanding consciousness that connects every single soul. Every soul that has ever lived, that lives now and will potentially live in the future has his or her own record. The Akashic Records store all thoughts, actions, and developments in the universe. All this information is already there – in the NOW.

Akasha means “everything that is”.

An Akashic Records Reading can answer many questions on your way. Most of us are looking for answers that lie beyond human perception, outside our five senses. Through a reading, I can give you a different perspective on situations in your life. My strongest Clair-abilities are Clairvoyance, Claircognizance and Clairsentience. This means I receive messages either as images and moving images which represent your life; I hear messages or feel energy and emotions.

In all my Akashic Records Readings I encourage self-responsibility. You are your own healer. I am there for you to pass on the messages and hold the space for you. The integration and healing wants to be done by YOU – your body’s intelligence and soul. I am here to empower you, bring clarity and confirmation.

Modalities that I use in Akashic Records Readings

My Akashic Records Readings are based on working with the Akashic field. The following list includes possibilities that we can apply in your session, based on what is revealed. This will be different from session to session.

Soul mission

Strengthen the connection to your soul mission. As an awakening soul, you have the ability to feel the synchronicities that align with you.

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We can feel into the underlying dynamics of relationships. This way, you can understand the motives and take necessary actions.

Life questions

Receive answers to life questions you have. Integrate those confirming and revealing messages into your life.

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Decisions are always up to you. However, you can ask your soul and Higher Self for support in your decision making processes.

Spirit animal

Get to know your spirit animal and work with the signs you receive from it.

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Cutting tethers

Cut unhealthy energetic tethers to people or places that no longer assist in your progress.

Higher Self

At your birth, one part of you comes physically to Earth. The other remains behind the veil and becomes your Higher Self that you can talk to.

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Past Lives

The Akashic Records store experiences from past or parallel lives and how they influence your life now.


Events from this and past lives can still affect you today. Let trapped emotions and wounds come up and release them.

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Insights from the Akashic Records exceed far beyond the narrow perspective of the mind. Feel unconditional love.

Ascended Masters

Receive a channeling through certain Ascended Masters like Mary Magdalene, Goddess Isis, Mother Mary, Saint Germain.

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Identify your ego sub-personalities and create awareness to help support the healthy version of your soul archetypes.

Energy of places

Feel into the energy of a certain place, like a country or house that you want to move to.

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Clearing tethers

Clear energetic tethers to align the energies connected to people or places with the support of Quan Yin.

Soul Contracts

Remove soul contracts, deals or agreements from this life or past lives that are holding you back.

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Energy healing

Experience remote energy healing, where I use the hand energy centres to identify and heal blockages within your body.

Frequently Asked Questions about Akashic Records Readings

Click below to browse through the list all the frequently asked questions. This will help you to better understand how an Akashic Records Reading works. If you still have any questions, please reach out to me anytime.


Firstly, I want to thank you for saving my life, for guiding me to my true purpose, for making me reach home within myself. When I first met Marie, I was devastated, lost, suffering and anxious. I remember telling her how I couldn’t even sleep without feeling anxiety in my dreams. That session itself changed my life. Your readings have helped me immensely. I trust you completely when it comes to being lost in darkness. Your spirituality and your powers to look within are a service to humankind. I am so so grateful to have you in my life. Thank you.

Testimonial Komal

Komal Narang

MyHappinesz - Personal Coach

I had my first Akashic records reading with Marie, which was simply incredibly beautiful for me - the communication before the reading was very uncomplicated and harmonious, which gave me a first impression of safety and security. When I met Marie personally, my positive feelings got instantly confirmed. I felt in good hands and comfortable with her. Before Marie connects to the Akashic records she gives you a short introduction where you have time to prepare for the upcoming reading. The reading itself was just magical for me. Marie clearly describes what she can see, she creates connections to your life and answers your personal questions in a loving and precise way. The reading gave me even more strength and removed my doubts and blockages. I am incredibly happy that I did my Akashic records reading with her. Thank you so much for your time!


Arabella Tornow

Event Manager from Berlin

Marie helped me in ways that are beyond the human vocabulary. The sense of confidence and purpose that she gifted me will be something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Through her, the universe gave me this warm and powerful push towards my soul path. A dedication and surrender to who I really need to be. The whole hour felt out of this world, a familiar and awe-inspiring experience and whilst you are there you know the reading is changing you in the best way possible. She is really been given an incredible gift. Open yourself up to her, really let her into your field and the knowledge she will bring you back will be unforgettable. Thank you Marie.


Lauren O'Meara

Artist and Business Owner

Marie did an Akashic records reading for me twice. It was amazing. It was spot on and answered my questions in such a way that I didn’t feel scared or thrown off. The answers inspired me, made me understand and see the bigger picture. Sometimes we can get stuck in our little and tiny material world but there is so much that happens beyond. I definitely recommend a reading with Marie. She is gentle, kind and very careful in presenting her messages in a supportive and loving way.


Kristiana Daugava

Sports and Psychosomatic Therapy

After our Akashic records reading I had such an intense feeling of clarity about my path. This was truly overwhelming. Now it is time to put all this into action. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Jacqueline Senftleben

Energetic Healing Worker - www.von-seele-zu-seele.com

Marie was able to provide me with clear and powerful guidance for my career and love life. She holds space for deep insight. When I walked out of the session I felt like I had a clear vision for starting my new business and ways for me to deepen my relationship with my partner.


Zanoo N.

San Francisco

Meeting Marie was unexpected and very precious. It doesn’t happen very often to be with a person like her, such a pure soul, with this amazing gift. When she told me what she is doing I didn’t hesitate to book a reading. So I prepared my questions, some occupied my mind and I was looking for answers since my childhood. The feedback I got was overwhelming, it was very emotionaI, old wounds were eased and closed afterwards and new insights gained. For sure it wasn’t my last reading with her. Thank you!

M. Zech

M. Zech

Networker and Business Analyst

Marie is a beautiful soul inside and out. Her presence just shines. Working with her is a real pleasure. She takes her work very seriously and at the same time her sweet aura is so welcoming. I love the words she used to describe the messages. I was quite blown away with what came up and how it resonated with me. It is a very transformative and powerful experience. I strongly recommend Marie’s work.


Johanna Pollet

Yoga Instructor RYT500, Yin, Pre and Post Natal at Santosha

The Akashic records reading with Marie was such an intense, positive and powerful experience. I'm sure that one of the key factors for a great experience is that you can trust the reader - and Marie is completely trustworthy and open-minded. She gave me such beautiful images and transmitted good feelings that I can't do anything else but highly recommending this experience with her.


Yadi Condini


Marie is not only divinely spiritual and able to channel energies and information but also she has a special place in my heart. I asked her to do an Akasha reading for me as I had unanswered questions and feelings which were somehow a mystery to me. Her messages were powerful and now I do not have to search for a home because my home is everywhere as well as in my heart. My future also resonates with the path of light. I feel that I am getting closer and closer every day. Thank you, Marie, for those insights. Be the light, be the inspiration and the ultimate change for others.


Tina R.


Thanks to Marie’s reading I gained back the connection to my inner self. I got so much clarity about circumstances which come up in my life. After the reading, I had a completely different, more peaceful and balanced view on things. I stopped seeing those as obstacles in my way but rather appreciated them as an opportunity grow. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with the world, Marie!


Kathi Hönig

Nutritionist and Fitness Instructor

There are no words for what I have experienced at my first reading with Marie. I was stunned and blessed by the words Marie used and grateful for the emotions I experienced during my Akashic records reading.


Franz Schmid

Personal Health Coach

Marie taught me to listen to my heart and to follow my intuition. She knew precisely about the relationship between me and a friend who she doesn’t know. She gave me clarity where the tensions in the relationship come from. Well, that was amazing! After the reading I was able to respond to my friend with much more empathy and love because I finally got the bigger picture. Thank you for expanding my horizon, Marie!


Birk Ruhsam

Digital Editor

Interviews and podcasts

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