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What your loneliness feeling wants to tell you

Loneliness feeling

You may experience on some days a loneliness feeling – you feel misunderstood, not accepted and the only one thinking like you on this Earth. To overcome those feelings, you need to know that many people now feel like this. The reason behind it is that you have special gifts you brought to this world you cannot handle yet. The community you currently live in may not be the one who is the right one to help you with spreading those gifts. It is possible that you are surrounded by people who just aren’t open yet to receive what you have to offer.

Everybody is unique

In fact, everybody is unique. However, most people are still in a brainwashed system to make them think similarly. That’s why you feel odd. You are different because you uncovered your highly sensitive skills. People around you may not open up their senses as wide as you can do. As soon as you realize that you need another environment to fully blossom, you automatically emit different waves to attract the right community for you. In the beginning, you might be sad because you have the feeling to lose people. However, you have to know you never can lose people. We own nothing. So how can you lose someone? Just remember your surroundings is about to change. To initiate this change concentrate on your positive thoughts and your gifts you want to offer the world.

Mindfulness exercise

Whenever you realize that you are lonely, do a mindfulness exercise:

  • Pause for a few seconds
  • Focus on your breath. That will automatically bring you back into the NOW.
  • Start feeling your whole body.
  • Concentrate on your heart – the center of your body. Then you will automatically start emitting the wavelength you actually have and not the one you are trained to emit. This wavelength will be so strong that you will meet the right people who are able to receive your gifts.

The change of your environment can take some time. However, once you look back, you will be grateful that you realized how to initiate this change. All things take time. Don’t rush and know you are loved.


Photo credit: mariejorunn.com

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