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About me

About Marie Richtsfeld



Me, Marie Richtsfeld, I am a life lover. I discovered feeling beyond my five senses as a little girl like perceiving other people’s energies, feeling sensations on my body, and receiving messages. I could never explain what I felt and slowly started to ignore it. If you are interested how this brought me to the Akashic Records, you can read this article. In my teenage ages, I discovered that travelling is an essential part of myself. So I lived and studied in different countries and cities like Vancouver, Texas, Paris and Prague. Travelling means to me being open to something new. Thanks to travelling, I rediscovered that there is so much more than our five senses can perceive. Living somewhere else for a longer time helped me to experience different mindsets and listen to my intuition to trust myself. I met great people on my journey, who inspired me even more to live a spiritual life.


Akashic Records

After becoming a yoga teacher, I felt the call that I should become a certified Akashic Records reader. So, I completed the certification at the “Energetiker Akademie” in Vienna. Funnily, I have never had an Akashic Records reading before I starting my training. I simply felt the strong call to reclaim my powers that I always had. When I started reading in the Akashic Records regularly for myself, I discovered that I feel very comfortable in this loving environment. I love to share that experience with others, and I am grateful to get regular requests for readings from clients around the world. I am honored to be able to help people to gain clarity about their lives through my readings. It gives the person I read for and myself so much energy and even more vitality.



My husband’s Martin’s pure energy allows him to be a safe haven for many seeking souls to unleash their full potential. He has his heart in music especially the gong to lead through sound journeys, dancing, energy healing and yoga.

Together with my husband Martin, we travelled the world for two years to countries where we felt connected to. We are both from Austria and moved to Bali about one year ago. Now we are living and working in Ubud, teaching workshops and retreats and also facilitating sessions together at Pyramids of Chi.

I am trusting in life.

– featherly.be