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About me

About Marie Richtsfeld



Me, Marie Richtsfeld, I am a life lover. Travelling is an essential part of myself. Travelling means to me being open to something new. I am travelling the world to give and receive. My husband Martin and I are drawn to countries where we feel connected to. Then we stay there for a while. Thanks to travelling, I rediscovered that there is so much more than our five senses can perceive. After becoming a yoga teacher, I felt that I should become a certified Akashic records reader. So, I completed the certification at the “Energetiker Akademie” in Vienna.



Landing means to me to live somewhere else for a longer time. This helps me to experience different mindsets. It is also a metaphor for letting settle what I experience on my journey. I land where I feel comfortable and where I think that I should live for a certain period and settle down. Listening to my intuition helps me to trust myself. I met great people on my journey so far who inspire me even more to live a spiritual life. Book a reading today.



I discovered spirituality as a little girl but could never explain what I felt and started to ignore it. When I started reading in the Akashic records on a regular basis for myself I discovered that I actually feel very comfortable in this loving environment. I love to share that experience with others and I am grateful to get regular requests for readings. I am honored to be able to help people through my readings. It gives me and the person I read for so much energy and even more vitality.

I am trusting in life.

– featherly.be