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Ecstatic Dance by DJ Merlin

A practice beyond words, reasoning, and mental boundaries. We gather in community to feel ecstasy through music, vibration, and coherence.

Why Ecstatic Dance?

Dance is one of the oldest forms of movement. Ancient tribes used it as a daily ritual to guide them, to honor the land, their ancestors, and the spirits.

In our mission to connect us back to our True Selves, dance is a practice to bring us from our heads into our hearts. In ecstatic dance, we get to the point of no return. We get high on our own supply. Ecstasy beyond reasoning awaits us. We can find our True Self, unpeel all layers and become more whole.

What's the Difference?

Here are some key differences between social or party dancing and ecstatic dance.


We don't use any external helpers to get into ecstasy. No alcohol, no plant medicines, not drugs.


We use handcrafted music that takes us on a journey. It picks us up, connects us to the heart, guides us to ride the ecstatic wave, and gently brings us back down.

No talking

Ecstasy happens through the heart. Through talking, we get stuck in our minds. That's why we don't speak.

No phone

We enjoy the now. Phones are off and put away. No photos, no videos. A safe space for ecstasy.


Everyone is on their journey, which might be external or internal. First, we connect through the eyes. If a dance together happens, we enjoy it. If not, we don't take it personally.

No Shoes

We dance barefoot. We want to feel Pachamama (mother earth). All tribes dance barefoot.

Dancer Outline

The journey by DJ Merlin

Every ecstatic dance is a journey guided by the music and the dancers’ energy. Everything goes with the flow. Yet, a few common elements are essential to ecstatic dance.

1. Sacred Space

Ecstasy can only happen through the heart and in a sacred space. Every dance starts with setting up and opening this sacred space. Every dancer who enters drops the outside world, opens their heart, and starts connecting with themselves.

2. Opening the circle

We open the dance as a tribe and close it as a tribe. Starting in a circle connects us to the space and everyone else. We are all equal, and everyone can see everyone else. The facilitator (DJ) introduces the dance, the journey, the intention, and the playlist.

3. Surrender

Our body has a pearl of innate wisdom the mind cannot grasp. We surrender to gentle music that invites us to connect to our hearts to access it. We can lie down, connect to Pachamama and ourselves. When we are ready, movement magically starts by itself.

4. The wave

The music guides us on one or multiple waves towards ecstasy. We start slowly to pick up speed. Drums, tribal and nature sounds, invocations, prayers, and tantalizing rhythms spiced up with catching melodies lift us towards ecstasy. Boundaries dissolve.

5. Gathering the gifts

Every journey enriches our experience, teaches us, and expands us. The music gently brings us back from the high of the wave to the safe shore. It gives us time to integrate, be still, and process. We are gathering the gifts of our journey.

6. Closing the circle

We open the dance together, and we also close it together. Now is a time for sharing and receiving. Everything is optional. Yet, experience shows sharing helps us integrate, and draw support from the group. To close, we send love to everyone and seal the sacred space we opened at the beginning.

Ecstatic Dance Music Mixes by DJ Merlin

Start enjoying all of Martin’s ecstatic dance recordings right away.


Martin has a gift of comprehending what it is to hold sacred space for a group. It is a huge energetic, and most of what the Ecstatic Dance facilitator does is invisible. As my training was from Tibetan and indigenous shamanic perspectives, I feel it is a sacred duty to hold the medicine circle of Ecstatic Dance. I have experienced that Martin embodies this knowledge, too. Oh, and I love his music!

Becca Tzigany

Author, Venus and Her Lover - Founder, Hearts in Motion - Ecstatic Dance (since 2012) in Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Dj Merlin is an incredible space holder with such a passion for sound and music. The journeys during his facilitations have been a transformation and very ecstatic. Martin has a true gift and is a blessing to this world. I wish for everyone to experience his offerings. Grateful for all the experiences. Thank you, Martin, for being such a light and sharing your gifts with the world.

Kimberley Boelen

Kundalini & lifestyle guidance coach and intuitive healer

I enjoyed Dj Merlin’s sets immensely. His compilations of music supported wonderful creative dance journeys and creative expressions. He was also great at leading the group meditation and moments for sharing that we did before and after the ecstatic dance. He is definitely missed here.

Hayley Jaqueline

Singer / Songwriter / Artist

DJ Merlin is a real wizard of music. He tunes into the crowd and knows just what to play. He keeps the vibes high with his song choices and radiating smile. Listening to DJ Merlin feels like getting on a spaceship and visiting dance parties in other worlds. He creates a safe space to dance free and feel good in your skin and with each other. I love his cool and conscious style.

Ja Pace


Through his music and sense of purpose, Martin allowed me to enter into a deep state of flow and connect with my inner freedom. It was an amazing experience!

David Lamka

Author of “The 5 Virtues of transformational Leadership” and expert on conscious business

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