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New Earth Online Courses we offer

We have different New Earth online courses to share what is dear to our hearts. Why “New Earth”? Because it is time for a change, a shift in consciousness. Seeing the universe as a holistic being instead of separating it into pieces creates a more wholesome experience of life.

Some courses you can start at any time, and others we offer at regular intervals. We also share online courses here where we collaborate with others and bring in our gifts. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get notified about our offerings and online courses. All our courses are available on our e-learning platform, Modern Mystics Collective. Make sure you check them out here.

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Natural Contraception: The proven Narural Birth Control Method the Body Loves

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Natural Contraception and Conception

The proven Natural Birth Control Method the Body Loves

Break free from synthetic hormones and interventions and deepen your connection with your body and partner. The Symptothermal Method is a tried and tested Natural Family Planning method for either avoiding or achieving pregnancy.

Akashic Records Reader Level 1

About Level 1

Akashic Records Reader Level 1

Learn how to read your own Akashic Records

Learn how to receive messages to guide you. Develop your psychic-intuitive abilities to gain more meaning and fulfillment in your life.

relationship dynamics

Akashic Records Reader Level 2

About Level 2

Akashic Records Reader Level 2

Learn how to read the Akashic Records for others

Do you fancy reading for clients and helping them understand the causal forces in life? Learn how to help others on their healing journey. It is perfect for people who want to study the Akashic Records in greater detail.

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