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Akashic Records Certification Level 2

Akashic Records Certification Level 2 is for you if you want to use the Akashic Records as a regular self-care modality, and like the idea of reading for others to help them better understand the causal forces of life.
Prerequisite: Level 1 completed successfully

Do you want to read for others?


Marie, Martin and David Khan teach Akashic Records Certification Level 2 together. It is perfect for people that want to study the Akashic Records in greater detail. If you feel called to help others, this course will teach you how to offer professional readings to clients. You can also use it as part of other creative and healing modalities. A prerequisite for this course is to have completed Level 1 successfully.

We encourage you to find your own unique way of deepening your experience of living consciously. When giving readings to others, we also encourage you to do the same. We include a one-on-one session with one of the teachers at the end of the course to help you learn these skills.

Course Information

The course combines self-study and live group video calls via the Modern Mystics Collective e-learning platform.

The Akashic Records Certification Level 2 course consists of five modules. Every week we unlock two new modules for self-study. Furthermore, this is followed by video calls on the weekends where we put the theory into practice. You can only miss one of the five calls. However, in case you have to miss one, we do record them so that you can watch it in the following days.

What this course features

  • Fully-accredited course with a completion certificate
  • Includes a 90 page digital handbook
  • A supportive group to help accelerate your learning
  • Five 3-hour video calls with live Q&A, personal sharing and guidance
  • Recorded meditations  and videos with special music for enhancing the Akashic experience
  • Brainwave entrainment tracks with isochronic tones
  • A 30-minute one-on-one session at the end with one of the instructors
  • A final project which involves finding a client to complete an Akashic Records Reading for

What we cover in this course

  • Advanced Akashic theory
  • Life force energy management
  • Science and modern mystics
  • Advanced self-healing and dowsing, including body awareness
  • Hand energy centers as gateways to heal ourselves and others
  • How to use a pendulum and tensor through bio-energies to receive answers
  • How to work with archangels
  • Healthy vs. unhealthy energetic tethers
  • How to read the Akashic Records for clients
  • Deepening readings for other people, relationships, creativity and deeper ethics
  • Using the Akashic Records to release stuck emotions
  • Basic DNA activation

Please reach out to us any time if you have any questions.


This course has been so powerful to me. Everything we did keeps developing and I feel life becomes more clear, simple and fun every day. The way Dave, Marie and Martin hold the space is very special. I experienced a lot of connection with them and between all participants and I know that this connection is always there. The zoom calls felt so much like a family meeting to me, there was humour, depth and there were many interesting insights. There were challenges that life provided and support through the tools we were learning in the course and from sharing similar themes with the participants within our development. With this level 2 course I feel there is a new layer of connection and depth that I reached and I feel very empowered by this course.

Gwendolynn de Boer

Artist, Musician, Music Teacher, Coach

It was a joy to learn so much more about what can be discovered through the Akashic Records. Learning how to assist others through their own Akashic Records is an honour.

Jane Muller


Akashic Records Reader Level 2 Course was incredible. It’s nice to learn how to read for others. It also gives extra confidence to be reading the Akashics as it’s a lot easier to read for others than oneself. I truly enjoyed the course and I recommend you to join as well!

Kristiana Daugava

Psychosomatic Therapist

I had completed Level 1 with Marie, Martin and Dave at the beginning of the year and started Level 2 a short time later and I am very grateful for this decision. Level 2 gave me another deeper insight, the group was wonderful and I got to know the Akasha and especially myself and my senses from another angle. I personally love to read for others and am happy to have great teachers who are so insightful and passionate in explaining and showing you this. They make you feel safe and in a safe space so I am already looking forward to level 3. We have been practicing a lot, the material, especially the music which really helps you go deeper, is wonderful and I can't wait to read for clients on a regular basis. Thank you so much!

Arabella Tornow

Energy Worker

Taking the Akashic Records Reader Level 1 & Level 2 Trainings has opened up a whole new world to me. Marie, Dave and Martin are exceptional teachers and guides. Learning how to access the higher wisdom of the Records during Level 1 was already a profound experience. But Level 2 really exceeded my expectations, in terms of the incredible information, tools, and healings we received. I now feel that I am embodying the Records more and more on a daily basis. I am very excited to start incorporating what I've learned into my sessions with clients!

Aniko Fisch

Holistic Healing Facilitator

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