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Sacred Union - Martin and Marie Richtsfeld

Magic brought us together, Magic keeps us together and Magic is what we are passing on.

We support each other to live up to our highest potential

Who we are

We, Martin and Marie Richtsfeld, first met when Martin was 22, and Marie was only 14 years old. For her, it was love at first sight. Immediately, she knew, “One day, this will be my husband.” Fast-forward six years, we met again and started dating. That’s how magic brought us together. A couple for more than ten years and married for more than four, we live and dream together worldwide. A unity and bond we could have never imagined formed – a true Sacred Union. It connects us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. That’s how magic is keeping us together.

Together, we bring the harmony of our Sacred Union into the world. That is how we pass the magic on.

Our mission as sacred union

We feel that humanity has only one single problem. Once we solve this for ourselves, everything else will rise (not fall) into place. This single problem is that most of humanity has lost the connection to their True Self and their heart. Once we connect, we stop working against mother nature, each other, and ourselves. We will feel that we hurt ourselves by hurting or exploiting each other. Everything we do aims to bring people back into their heart-space. When everyone connects to themselves, we all solve this one single problem.

Why our last name carries our mission

Our last name is Richtsfeld. Why is this so special? We feel a strong resonance to our name because it carries the frequency of our mission. Translated from German into English, “Richtsfeld” literally means “To prepare the field.” We are preparing the field to raise consciousness to help humanity reconnect to their hearts. We see our task as paving the way, so all can discover the universe’s dream for themselves. Through that, we are all raising consciousness.

Why the name “featherly.be”?

We call our website “featherly” because Marie received the message that feathers represent the word of the universe. Metaphorically speaking, we use a feather as a tool to write down the messages from the universe. Furthermore, she received the message to add “be” as a domain name ending. featherly.be stands for the lightness of being. When we trust in life, we all open up to the individual dream that the universe carries for us. Imagine a world where we all live our dreams, and up to our full potential. We invite you to come on this journey with us. This will bring us to our next evolutionary step.


Marie’s fairy-like appearance illustrates her spiritual nature. This allows her to balance on the edge of many realms. She intuitively practiced energy work and yoga for many years. She followed the guidance to complete a Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin yoga and Breathwork teacher training. Going deeper, she pursued the following certifications: Akashic Records reader, Reiki practitioner and Channeling the Ascended Masters. She has been teaching yoga and Akashic Records in person and online and in a variety of different studios. Marie has a unique ability to connect with, and read other people’s energy. She has helped countless souls across their earthly learning path with this gift.


Martin’s fascination for music started early. He joined his first dance classes at the age of five. A decade later, he started dancing in ballroom and Latin tournaments. For him, it was never about the competition. Instead, he enjoyed dancing for pleasure and self-development. Another decade later, Martin began following the path of spiritual development. He completed his energy worker, sound healer, gong master and Ecstatic Dance DJ certifications, in addition to a Yin, Vinyasa and Power yoga teacher training.

His biggest passion is flying small propeller airplanes. He enjoys seeing the world from above, feeding his bigger picture and vision.

Our Dream

We have a big dream. Martin is a private pilot and Marie also has a passion for flying. We want to bring our gifts into the world with our own little 2-engine airplane. Traveling the world has gifted us with insights and connections with inspiring souls. Our mission is to connect people and communities following New Earth values. We have powerful instruments that are an integral part of our sessions. We want to pack all of them into the airplane. This helps us share our gifts with communities and live our passion for traveling.

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