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Raising Consciousness

Raising Conscious-

Discover the Universe's dream for you

Raising Consciousness

Strengthen the connection to your Higher Self

Akashic Records Readings

Reading in the Akashic Records can answer many questions on your way. Most of us are looking for answers that lie beyond human perception, outside our five senses. Consequently, Marie travels behind our tangible world, expanding our everyday perception. This journey gives you a different perspective on situations in your life. You start to see how everything connects through linking cause and effect. Raising Consciousness.

The Akashic Records store all thoughts, actions, and developments in the universe. All this information is already there – in the NOW.

Immerse with universe

Akashic Gong Sound Journeys

The gong is the most potent instrument for healing we have ever experienced. It was love at first listen. This instrument can create sounds beyond comprehension. With its power, it can free all stagnant energies within us.

The gong combined with the Akashic Records, an all-pervading field, gives a powerful combination for healing.

We spice this duo up with other ancient and new-age instruments like drums and crystal bowls to create an unforgettable experience.

Discover the Universe’s dream for you

What is our purpose here on earth

Our mission - Raising Consciousness

We feel that humanity has only one single problem. Once we solve this for ourselves, everything else will rise (not fall) into place. This single problem is that most of humanity has lost the connection to their True Self and their heart. Once we connect, we stop working against mother nature, each other, and ourselves. Everything we do aims to bring people back into their heart-space. When everyone connects to themselves, we all solve this one single problem.

We are preparing the field to raise consciousness to help humanity reconnect to their hearts. We see our task in paving the way, so all can discover the universes’ dream for ourselves. Through that, we are all raising consciousness.

Dance to the rhythm of the universe

Ecstatic Dance by DJ Merlin

The history of dance is as old as humanity itself. Tribes often gathered in dance. They worshiped, socialized, meditated, entered a trance, ecstasy, and much more. Dance is in our DNA, and everybody can dance. Ecstatic Dance breaks the taboo of steps required for a dance. The music moves the body for healing and transformation to happen. When we drop our expectations and dogmas around dance, the magic happens by itself.

Every Ecstatic Dance is a journey to free our body, uplift our spirit, and connect us back to our hearts.

We share what we have learned

New Earth Online Courses

A few years ago, we left Austria and started traveling. Our mission was to learn different techniques and teachings from all over the world. Then, after integrating that knowledge into our daily practice, we bring it back into the world. We love doing this in person through sound, yoga, and the Akashic Records. But we also have some online courses to share these self-development techniques with even more people.

Here, you will find our online courses, which we offer on our e-learning platform, the Modern Mystics Collective.