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My Journey to the Akashic Records

My Journey to the Akashic Records

I was invited by Melanie Albright to an interview how I came in touch with the Akashic Records. I would like to share here with you the outcome of this beautiful article. This is just an excerpt of it. You can read the full article here.

Imagine if every one of your soul’s thoughts, ideas and actions from all time were not only documented, but readily accessible. Tapping into these chronicles could give you invaluable insight to better align with your higher self and purpose. Speaking from a lifetime of energetic sensitivity, Marie Richtsfeld tells me that such logs do indeed exist.

I learn that they are of a higher dimension, one unbound by space and time. Known as the Akasha, Marie describes this dimension as “an ever expanding field of consciousness that permeates and surrounds all of us.” In tangible terms, she says the Akasha is similar to a library. The most extensive library one could ever attempt to imagine, it holds what is known as the Akashic Records of each and every soul.

Far beyond a single piece or even aspect of a soul’s journey, Marie reveals that the records contain “everything: all of the information, knowledge, actions and developments that have ever happened, are happening right now and will ever happen.” The records, however, offer more than mere information. When entering this library, Marie reveals, “you enter the door to higher consciousness and are immersed in the love, healing and connectedness that comprise the Akashic Records.” This marriage of receiving wisdom and experiencing oneness means that tapping into your records can transform your entire outlook on life.

Marie’s own life has been rich with experiences that are inexplicable with the five basic senses. From the time she was a little girl, she received visitors and wisdom from beyond the veil. She grew to develop foresight that primarily helped her stay on track. In one instance, however, it urged her off the tracks completely.

“I lived in Texas for a while and had an American boyfriend,” she tells me when I ask her of key experiences that brought her to where she is today. “He wanted to show me a place he spent time during his childhood. To get there, we would have to walk over a railroad bridge above a huge river.” When she learned of their route, Marie was overcome with a strong sense that they would be confronted by a train should they proceed. Her boyfriend, however, assured her that trains no longer operated on the tracks. “So we went,” she recalls with a shake of the head.

They walked along the bridge with careful steps, the unsteady path made more precarious under the obscurity of night. Soon, Marie could see that they were over halfway across the bridge. Instead of feeling relief, however, her eyes suddenly squinted against a harshly bright light. In fact, it was the three headlights of an oncoming train.

With no time to turn back and no room to stay put, their only chance at survival would be to run forward, towards the train. In the race for their lives, seconds stretched and the rough, dark path threatened to take their footing. Just as the train screamed onto the bridge, they leapt off the tracks to the safety of a grassy knoll.

“I had seen those exact lights about a week before,” Marie remembers, before admitting that, in sweat-inducing distress, she had dismissed the vision as a bad dream. When the nightmare came true, however, she examined it along with her lifetime of messages, visions and experiences under a new light: “this must be coming from somewhere,” she resolved …

Please click on this link to read the full story: https://melaniealbwrite.wordpress.com/2020/07/18/akashic-marie/

Thank you, Melanie, for bringing our conversation onto paper.

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    Thank you for this wonderful and uplifting experience! Sending you lots of love.