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Experiences from past lives

A Novel by Martin Richtsfeld

When Déjà vus suddenly make sense

Our potential starts at the edge, where everything seems unbelievable.

Martin Richtsfeld (Experiences from past lives, Book 3)

How did the novel manifest?

“For more than ten years, ideas for a novel kept coming to me. However, I wasn’t ready yet. Now I am. Inspired by traveling the world, the thoughts and words started dropping into the book by themselves. The novel “Experiences from past lives” unfolded.

Since time immemorial, I have asked myself where intuition is coming from. Why do we instinctively know how to do so many things, even when we have never done them before? Maybe we didn’t do them for the first time in all our lifetimes? And where are thoughts coming from that we didn’t dare to think before?” – Martin Richtsfeld

These are the questions the novel explores. The protagonist travels through his most important experiences in his current, and all previous lives. Even if you don’t believe in past lives, you might still find some hidden gems “that resonate with you. In the end, it doesn’t matter where anything comes from. The question is, what can we learn from it.

No matter what anyone says about you or does to you, it will always be their act and their opinion. It has nothing to do with what you do and think.

Martin Richtsfeld (Experiences from past lives, Book 1)

What the novel is about

In the year 2100, Merlin fulfills his final dream. He is leaving this world forever at the age of 117. The most formative experiences on his path and all the relevant experiences from his past lives are played back to him like in a film, just before his heart stops beating. Miraculously, experiences suddenly fall into place, which often did not make sense when they were experienced, but later revealed their true meaning.

The antagonist is called Merlin, and the plot takes place during the final moments before his death. Yet it encompasses experiences, wisdom, and tales from tens of thousands of years. Trapped in our internal worlds, we often find it difficult to see the bigger picture. Yet, through absolute commitment and unconditional love, Merlin learns to go his own way and accept all of his experiences.

This novel encourages the reader to follow their own path and reach their full potential. Only when we follow our heart and soul will possibilities arise beyond our wildest dreams.

Every hike begins with the first step - every change with the first thought. We only need to dare to think it.

Martin Richtsfeld (Experiences from past lives, Book 1)

Experiences from past lives

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Egal auf welcher Seite du das Buch aufschlägst, es ist immer spannend.

Markus Ecker


Dieses Buch ist eine Hommage an das Leben und an den Tod.

Birk Ruhsam


Dieses Buch sollte in jede Referatsempfehlung der oberen Schulstufen mit aufgenommen werden.

Franz Schmid

Fitness Trainer

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