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Akashic Records readings on regular basis

Akashic records readings on a regular basis

The Akashic Records always provide what you need to know in this moment of the reading. You will never receive a message or information that you are not ready for to hear. I have experienced tremendous breakthroughs thanks to regular sessions because of the power of integration and application. The spirits are here to guide you on your way. The more progress you make in applying the messages to your life, the more aligned you will be with your soul’s mission.

The benefits of regular sessions are:

  • By applying the messages that come through for you in your everyday life, you will get more and more aligned with your soul’s purpose.
  • The puzzle pieces are coming together session after session. The Akashic Records reveal more and more information you need to know regarding the topic you are working on. You are taking one step after the other at your own individual pace.
  • You feel your vitality prosper due to a regular connection to your higher self.
  • Your ability to manifest the life you dream of is being amplified because you get to know yourself and your soul’s mission more and more. Not only does the heart respond to the brain, but the brain continuously responds to the heart which means you will be able to bring yourself in heart coherence.
  • You are building trust in life since you can feel the support of the spirits. The universe is never against you.

How often?

From my experience it is best to have a session once a month to also give yourself time to process, integrate, and apply the messages to your life.


3-Pass: By buying a pass of 3 sessions, I give a discount of 10%. A pass of 3 in total costs 297 EUR* (instead of 330 EUR if you would pay the sessions separately). That means you save 33 EUR with the pass.

5-Pass: By buying a pass of 5 sessions, I give a discount of 15%. A pass of 5 in total costs 467.50 EUR* (instead of 550 EUR if you would pay the sessions separately). That means you save 82.5 EUR with the pass.

* Prices can be converted to another currency based on your request.
* Bank transfers are free of charge; if you want to pay via PayPal there will be an extra fee to cover the PayPal fees.


Inquiry form for Akashic records reading

First and last name
Please select how you would like to have the reading done for you.
By booking a reading you acknowledge that you have read, comprehended and fully agreed with the disclaimer.

Currently the payment is possible by bank transfer and PayPal. After you sent me your booking inquiry you receive the payment details from me.

Your provided data will not be stored and solely sent by e-mail to contact[at]featherly.be

The universe supports you.

– featherly.be