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Reclaim your digital freedom

An online course with a holistic approach to cyber privacy & security

Freedom and Privacy are our birthrights

And it is our duty to claim them

Are you using the internet?

Then also your privacy is at stake

I have created an online course that informs you on how to reclaim your digital freedom. In addition, it brings awareness and solutions to different online privacy and security-related topics.

But why is it important?

We all use the internet. Undoubtedly, companies harness our data. They use it without our consent and sometimes even against us.

Are there solutions?

Yes, and I share them in my online course.

Can I try the course for free?

Yes, the first five sections are free.

Why this course?

Everything I do comes from a heart-centered approach. This course too. And we need heart-centered technology for our future and future generations.

Our digital freedom slipped out of our hands. Tech companies harvest and sell our data for big money. Governments spy on every movement and transaction we do. Governments established enough laws to make all that legal.

Now it is our turn to regain our privacy, which ultimately means we take back our freedom. Both go hand in hand. It’s upon us. Let’s create a tech future, lead from the heart.

What you will learn

This course will explain how far we are already down the road with privacy exploitation. Subsequently, I share how we can gain back our rights, our privacy, and ultimately, our freedom
  • Learn why reclaiming our digital freedom matters now more than ever
  • Why conscious use of technology will define our and our children’s future
  • Put in place a lot of privacy and security enhancing options like malware scanner, VPN, privacy-respecting browser, alternative search engine, firewall, encryption, and much more
  • The course is hands-on. I understandably provide all required background information. Hence, you can make your own sovereign decisions
  • Self-development practices enhance every chapter, so we always act from a heart-centered perspective

What is the content of the course

The course consists of 15 sections with multiple chapters, each recorded as videos. Every section explains a specific topic. Each begins with an exercise except for the first one. Most contain handouts with all mentioned links. Some include helpful checklists and worksheets. You will also find many practical hands-on video tutorials for each platform. They help you to implement the privacy-enhancing changes. The first five sections are free, so you can try them before buying.

Interviews and podcasts

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