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Book an Akashic Records Reading

Single Akashic Records Reading

You want to book an Akashic Records Reading because you have some burning questions you would like to have an answer to and experience a healing space?

About an Akashic Records Reading:

  • Akashic Records readings can be done as a video call (via zoom) or in person (please ask for location).
  • The reading will last 90 minutes including a short introduction how I receive the messages for you, what your intentions for the reading are and tips at the end for aftercare. From my experience this is the perfect length for one session.
  • If you book an Akashic Records Reading as a video call – ensure you are in a space that is comfortable, please join the zoom meeting on time and have head phones ready. The call will be recorded and sent to you. You can listen to it again and be empowered any time you feel like. Please note you are paying for the actual reading and not for the recording. So, if technical problems occur and the reading can’t be recorded, the price of the reading stays the same.


Price: 222 EUR / 230 USD / 190 GBP / 335 AUD / 370 NZD / 300 CAD / 3.35 m IDR

  • *Bank transfers are free of charge; if you would like to pay via PayPal there will be an extra fee of 10 USD to cover the PayPal fees.
  • **I accept crypto payments.

Price update information:

Existing clients – please reach out to me!

I updated my prices due to following reasons:

  • One session now lasts 90 minutes which allows us enough time to go deep into your topics and apply the healing modalities that want to come through.
  • Please see the list of possible modalities that we can apply in your session based on what is revealed and what you need in the moment. For the last year I have been going inward a lot to connect even more with my purpose and my abilities. I have been investing in different courses to deepen my abilities, to apply and embody them, so I can serve humanity on a greater level. For example, for the last half a year I have been participating in a course about channeling the Ascended Masters. I will be applying these skills whenever they are coming through for your healing.

Akashic Records Reading Passes

The Akashic Records always provide what you need to know in this moment of the reading. I have experienced tremendous breakthroughs thanks to sessions on a regular basis. This is the magic of integration and application after each reading.

The benefits are:

  • The puzzle pieces are coming together session after session. The Akashic Records reveal more and more information for you about the topic you are working on. You are taking one step after the other at your own individual pace.
  • I can see your healing progress. This allows me to accompany you on your journey and apply the healing modalities that want to come through for you in each session in the most optimal way.
  • You feel your vitality prosper due to a regular connection to your Higher Self.
  • Your the brain continuously responds to your heart. Through listening to your heart you will be able to bring yourself in heart coherence. Hence, you can live your soul mission more and more. This amplifies your ability to manifest the life you dream of.
  • From my experience it is best to have a session once or twice a month to also give yourself time to process and integrate.


3-Pass: By buying a pass of 3 sessions, I give a discount of 10%. A pass of 3 in total costs 599.40 EUR (instead of 666 EUR if you would pay the sessions separately). That means you save 66.60 EUR with the pass.

5-Pass: By buying a pass of 5 sessions, I give a discount of 15%. A pass of 5 in total costs 943.50 EUR (instead of 1,110 EUR if you would pay the sessions separately). That means you save 166.50 EUR with the pass.

* Prices can be converted to another currency based on your request.
** Bank transfers are free of charge; if you want to pay via PayPal there will be an extra fee to cover the PayPal fees.

Inquiry form for an Akashic Records Reading

This is an inquiry for an Akashic Records Reading, not yet a completed booking. Marie will get back to you with date suggestions and payment information.

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