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Akashic Yoga Journey

A heart-opening Akashic Yoga Journey within

About Akashic Yoga Journey

Join Marie and Martin to be guided by their unconditional love, on a heart-opening Akashic Yoga Journey within. Receive your personal intention read by Marie from the Akashic Records to integrate throughout your Vinyasa yoga practice. It is inherent to human nature to sometimes feel out of sync or disharmonious. To rebalance, we integrate the breath, mantras, mudras and meditation as balancing tools. Flow through a guided yoga practice based on the current planetary constellation. Martin gently supports each posture with gongs and crystal bowls to deepen the experience. Settle into a long, healing Savasana immersed in a sound bath of gongs, crystal bowls, drums, guitar and range of other instruments. Let your soul travel to the deeper realms of yourself. Hear the image Marie has seen for you in the Akashic records and feel free to release what is on your heart in our sharing circle.

What are the Akashic records?

The Akashic Records are your soul book stored in an invisible library surrounding us all. All thoughts, actions, and developments that happen in the universe are stored in the Akashic Records. All this information is already available – in the NOW. Martin’s and Marie’s idea behind the Akashic Yoga Journey is to integrate a message from your soul level on your way to self-realization.

Pyramids of Chi

The Akashic Yoga Journey takes place at the magical Pyramids of Chi in Ubud, Bali.

Practicing inside a pyramid adds a powerful ingredient to your journey, making this a unique and unforgettable experience. To ensure everyone gets the most out of this journey, groups are limited to a maximum of 14 yogis.

About us

Marie and Martin first met when he was 21 and she was only 13 years old. For her, it was love at first sight and she knew, “One day this will be my husband.” Fast forward six years they met again and started dating. A couple for almost eight years and married for more than two years, they live and dream together all over the world. A unity and bond they never imagined possible formed, connecting them both physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Marie’s fairy-like appearance perfectly illustrates her spiritual nature, which allows her to balance on the edge of multiple realms. After years of intuitively practicing energy work and yoga, she made the decision to complete her Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin yoga teacher training, Akashic Records reader and Reiki practitioner certifications. Since then she has been teaching in different studios and resorts all over the world. With her ability to connect and read other people’s energy so intuitively, Marie has helped countless souls to find new ways across their earthly learning path.

Martin has been fascinated by music since he was young, joining his first dance classes at the age of five. A decade later he started dancing in ballroom and latin tournaments. For him, it was never about the competition; he simply danced for pleasure and self-development. Another decade later Martin began following the path of spiritual development, completing his energy healer certification, sound healer and gong master practitioner training, in addition to his Yin yoga teacher training.

Together Marie and Martin Richtsfeld bring this harmony they feel between themselves into the world. Their Akashic Yoga Journey sessions combine this unique complement of skills and qualities, creating a truly experiential, holistic approach and practice.

Get in sync with the universe