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Akashic Business Advisor

Consider tangible facts and weave the invisible world into your primary business decisions and operations.

What is an Akashic Business Advisor?

As an Akashic Business Advisor, I am bridging the Rational and the Spiritual World. A company has consciousness like a living organism. This consciousness wants to be heard and acknowledged. The whole consciousness of the company wants to strive toward its full potential. CEOs, managers and employees may all embody the business’ mission to achieve that.

With my background of 10 years of study in International Business Relations and Digital Media&Communication, I have been working together with companies and from my experience I have learned that many are lacking a fundamental ingredient: The understanding of an immense responsibility toward our society, children, families and our planet Mother Earth. This is where my skill to connect with the Akashic fields comes in.


I am addressing CEOs and managers of companies. What we are embodying is what we are passing on to our employees and therefor to our society. Having a healthy relationship to ourselves as business owners can change the whole world. How we are treating everyone having a relationship with the company is defining the dynamics in our world. We need to start working from the inside out. Aligning the innate purpose of ourselves with the company, creates ripple effects and positive results are affecting the outside world.

The times where intuitives and psychics are working together with companies have emerged. It is time to bridge the tangible and intangible world. A sustainable and long-lasting success of businesses is based on the spiritual realm. Some companies forget that. The most successful companies consider the supernatural world in their decisions. They work with the concept of cause and effect. Every effect has an underlying cause.

As an Akashic Business Advisor, I help companies understand the relationship between cause and effect. Thus, a company can respond more flexibly to circumstances and constantly re-align with their purpose.

Business Areas

As an Akashic Business Advisor, I offer the following heart-centered approach:


Company purpose

Define and align with the purpose of your business based on serving the greater good.

Company mission

What deeper mission does your company follow?

Company vision

Where do we see you going with your business?



Strengthen the understanding between co-workers.


What do your employees need to feel fulfilled so that they can follow the company's purpose?

Business partners

Feel the dynamics of a business partner before signing a contract with them. We can feel if the energy aligns.


Which platforms are most suitable to market on for your company?


How to maximize profits without exploiting employees, business partners and resources?

Are there any improvements to shift to a more sustainable approach?

Products and Services

Product design

Which functions does your product need to meet the actual needs of your target group?

Target group

Who does actually benefit from your products and services?

Product resources

Where can you harvest the resources in an aligned and ethical way?



Are you considering buying a property? Feel the land's energy to see if it aligns with your intentions.


Where is it best to place which department for most productivity?


Cut tethers to ex-business locations and business partners.

Collaboration with Marie Richtsfeld, MA

I offer advisory as a regular and integral part of your business operations. Consider tangible facts and weave the invisible world into your primary business decisions. This will change the business’ attractiveness to the world. We agree on one or more specific days per week where we work together remotely.

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